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This is the Premiere Site for Danville Area Businesses to Get Found
by Those Who Would Hire You or Buy FromYou!

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Rules & Regulations:

We hope to make this as simple as possible. But, there must be rules and here they are:

  • This is a first come first served Directory.
  • There are a Total of 3 Featured Businesses in each category. If there are 3 businesses listed in the top panel of the page that category cannot accept any further Featured Listings.
  • If you see a listing that has a logo or image other than a square with the business name in it, butit is not listed among the 3 in the top panel, that is a Standard Listing and there are an umlimited number of Standard Listings available.
  • If you see a listing on the site but it is only a bare bones one with no logo, pictures or other details,(address & phone number included in all listings paid or not) it is a free one and there are an unlimited number of Free Listings available.
  • You may create a category if one is not already established, so feel free to suggest businesses in a category you don't see listed on the home page of this site.
  • Bounderies of contest: Veedersburg, IN on East., St. Joseph, IL on west, Rossville, IL on north and Ridge Farm, IL on south

Current Paid Businesses & Category

Village Garden Restaurant - Restaurants
Overpass Pizza - Pizza Restaurants
Clark Chevrolet - Auto Dealers
Robinson's Auto Body- Body Shops
Rt 1 Auto, LLC - Auto Repair
All Source Service & Repair - Auto Parts & Accessories
Dr. Phillip Conn, DDS - Dentists
Danville's Flooring Warehouse - Flooring Companies
Ruth Pancoast - Classic Homes Realty - Real Estate
Exit 210 Saloon - Bars/Saloon/Taverns
Cabinet City Granite & Marble - Cabinet Shops
State Farm Insurance - Toni Stone - Insurance
Loman Ray Insurance Group, Inc. - Insurance
ATD Marketing - Printing & Marketing Companies
WITY - Radio Stations

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