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At ATD Marketing we celebrate our small, locally owned businesses. We truly believe they are the backbone of our local economies. Whether it is a large city or a small town the businesses that are owned and operated by those who live there are More Valuable and More Important than those huge, corporate, distantly owned and operated behemoths that many times adversley affect our locally owned ones.

After All... the small locally owned business was here long before the big box store showed up and I predict they will be here long after the big box store folds its tent and moves away. Just look at K-Mart, Sears, Circuit City and many others who have swept into town, dazzled us with their low prices, fancy stores and then disappeared because they just couldn't maintain their prescence in the smaller communities or because they became so large and cumbursome with corporate crap that they imploded.

All the time they were in the community they only left the money paid in wages behind and did absolutley NO business with the local business community. While we appreciate the jobs and the wages they generate, they really give no long term support to the local economy and many times do their best to run the locally owned business out of town.

This Site is Dedicated to Those Businesses That are Owned and Operated by Citizens of Our Community.

We offer free listings to area businesses, we offer paid listings to those businesses. We think the paid listings are a better deal as we firmly believe that you get what you pay for. We also want you, our visitor, to be able to contribute as well. So, we offer you the chance to suggesst businesses for inclusion in this site. If a business you feel qualifies as one of the best in our area, a 25 mi. radius of Danville, IL, you can sugggest it by Clicking Here and giving us the name of the business and the town it is located in. To be included in this site it must be within a 25 mi. radius of Danville, IL. If the business does not currently have a paid listing in the site and they take a paid listing when contacted ATD Marketing will provide you with a $10.00 Gift Certificate to that business. We are placing Free listings with just basic info but have several levels of paid listings available from standard to featured. If the listing has a logo in the first listing you see, it is a paid listing. If the business is in the top row it is a featured business. In either case the Gift Certificate is not available for these businesses.

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